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Written By Unknown on Rabu, 02 Oktober 2013 | 18.14

Phantom Assassin
Phantom Assassin.png
Dire icon.png The Dire
20 + 1.85
23 + 3.15
13 + 1
Level 11625
Hit Points 530 1081 1746
Mana 169 390 741
Damage 46-48 95-97 141-143
Armor 4.2211.1217.6
Attacks / Second 0.72 1.011.28
Movement Speed 310
Turn Rate 0.4
Sight Range 1800/800
Attack Range Melee
Missile Speed Instant
Attack Duration 0.3+0.7
Cast Duration0.3+0.5
Base Attack Time 1.7
Mortred the Phantom Assassin is a melee agility Hero fitting the role of hard carry. Mortred is best-known, and infamous for, her ability to inflict staggering damage with single strikes. Her abilities synergise supremely well with each other, rendering her an extremely formidable foe once she has acquired the items she requires. She is a very farm-dependent melee Hero, but she farms creeps with much more ease than many of her fellow carries, using her Stifling Dagger for last hitting. Besides eliminating the weakness most melee Heroes have in their farming, it also saves her from expending gold on important melee carry items like Quelling Blade. Her second ability, Phantom Strike, acts as both her escape and initiate, while Blur gives her an edge against other Heroes that depend on their physical attacks by evading them; giving her partial damage immunity to many carries. Her ultimate however is what connects Mortred with four-digit integers and what gives her a place amongst the very best support killers in the late game since they usually fall instantly from the divine strike her ultimate provides.


  • 1 Bio
  • 2 Abilities
  • 3 Recommended items


Phantom Assassin Mortred, the Phantom Assassin
 "I'm here to blur the line between life and death."
Role: Pip carry.png Carry / Pip tank.png Escape
Through a process of divination, children are selected for upbringing by the Sisters of the Veil, an order that considers assassination a sacred part of the natural order. The Veiled Sisters identify targets through meditation and oracular utterances. They accept no contracts, and never seem to pursue targets for political or mercenary reasons. Their killings bear no relation to any recognizable agenda, and can seem to be completely random: A figure of great power is no more likely to be eliminated than a peasant or a well digger. Whatever pattern the killings may contain, it is known only to them. They treat their victims as sacrifices, and death at their hand is considered an honor. Raised with no identity except that of their order, any Phantom Assassin can take the place of any other; their number is not known. Perhaps there are many, perhaps there are few. Nothing is known of what lies under the Phantom Veil. Except that this one, from time to time, when none are near enough to hear, is known to stir her veils with the forbidden whisper of her own name: Mortred.


Stifling Dagger
Stifling Dagger icon.png
Ability Affects Damage
Target Unit Enemy Unit Pure
Deals minor pure damage and slows the enemy unit's movement speed. Deals half damage to heroes.
Range: 1200
Duration: 1/2/3/4
Damage: 50/100/150/200
Movement Slow: 50%
Cooldown 8 Mana 30/25/20/15
Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked when the projectile hits.
The first skill learned by the Sisters of the Veil often signals an incoming hit.
  • The projectile can't be dodged by blinking.

Phantom Strike
Phantom Strike icon.png
Ability Affects
Target Unit Units
Teleports to a unit, friendly or enemy, and grants bonus attack speed while attacking if it's an enemy unit.
Range: 1000
Duration: 4
Maximum Number of Attacks: 4
Bonus Attack Speed: 100
Cooldown 14/11/8/5 Mana 50
Mortred's silken veil is the last thing her unfortunate target sees. 
  • The attack speed bonus is lost if you change target.
  • The first attack is delivered instantly upon landing.

Blur icon.png
Ability Affects
Passive Self
The Phantom Assassin becomes hard to see by blurring her body and disappearing from the enemy minimap when near enemy heroes. Some enemy attacks miss.
Bonus Evasion: 20% / 25% / 30% / 40%
Radius: 1600
Meditation allows a Veiled Sister to carefully anticipate her opponents in combat.
  • Not triggered by invisible enemy Heroes. 
  • It is, however, triggered by enemies out of sight, e.g. behind trees.
  • Has a 1.5 second delay before the blurring effect is applied or removed.
  • The bonus evasion does not depend on the proximity of an enemy hero; only the blurring effect does.
  • The bonus evasion does not stack with evasion from items (Talisman of Evasion, Butterfly, or Heaven's Halberd).

Coup de GrĂ¢ce
Coup de Grace icon.png
Ability Affects
Passive Enemies
Phantom Assassin refines her combat abilities, gaining a chance of delivering a devastating critical strike to enemy units.
Critical Chance: 15%
Critical Damage: 250% / 350% / 450%
Can be used by illusions. Red critical numbers are before illusion and armor reduction.
A divine strike, Mortred honors her opponent by choosing them for death.
  • Increases expected damage by 22.5/37.5/52.5%.

Recommended items

  • A Salve and Tangoes provide early regen to stay in lane and continue farming
  • Iron Branches give very cost-effective stats and build into a Magic Wand
  • The Stout Shield helps reduce harass damage taken from enemy heroes
  • Boots of Speed are crucial for every hero, to chase or escape from enemies
  • Upgrading your Stout Shield into a Poor Man's Shield guarantees it will block damage from enemy heroes and additionally provides some agility
  • The Magic Wand gives you burst HP/Mana healing based on the number of abilities your enemies use, as well as compressing the Iron Branches to free space in your inventory
  • A Perseverance is needed for your Battle Fury, and helps your survivability with increased regeneration
  • Phase Boots give Phantom Assassin the most base damage of any boots, synergizing well with her Ultimate, as well as an active ability for increased movement speed and the ability to pass through units, allowing her easier chase to get in range for Phantom Strike.
  • Battle Fury heaps on plenty of raw damage, extra regen, and with the cleave, your Coup de Grace hits will strike everyone around the target for large amounts of damage. In addition, it will help you farm your other items much faster.
  • A Black King Bar gives you much needed magic immunity, allowing you to ignore most nukes, stuns, slows, and disables, giving you more time to cut down the enemy heroes.
  • Satanic, combined with your huge damage potential, gives you tons of survivability. A crit for an even 1000 damage will heal you for 250, and for 2000 if you use Satanic's active effect.
  • Abyssal Blade gives you a chance to stun opponents on attack, as well as an active stun that bypasses an opponent's Black King Bar, and the most raw damage of any item in the game except a Divine Rapier
  • Vladmir's Offering grants you an aura that increases damage, armor, and mana regeneration, as well as giving you a decent lifesteal aura, allowing you to use another Unique Attack Modifier like a Desolator
  • Monkey King Bar gives you extra damage, extra attack speed, and true strike, letting you ignore enemy heroes' evasion chances, as well as a chance to ministun on attacks
  • Assault Cuirass greatly increases your defenses, while boosting your attack speed for more chances to critical hit, and lowering enemies' armor, increasing your regular attacks' damage.
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